Thursday, April 2, 2009

If the shoe fits, make sure your jeans are not tucked into the back of it...

A fashion phenomenon enjoyed world-over by jocks, victims of bad taste as well as the occasional douche bag. I am fascinated, and at times drawn beyond my will to approach said victim and enquire as to why they have allowed their jean pant/chinos to get hooked under that little tag that seems to come standard with such items of "designer" footwear. More specifically, I ask why they bought the "Caterpillars" in the first place.


  1. yeah i'll be your first follower. the cyber version of the flat tyre. people look down on the flat tyre; mistakenly thinking it's a childish way to irritate those walking in front of you. not so. rather, its my own little way to make sure no one's jeans are tucked into the back of their shoes. i'm a philanthropist, me.

  2. Well... I can't say that the jeans things is HALF as bad as the Crocs phenomenon.
    If there's anyone out there who deserves a big, fat, bitch slap it's the designer who invented Crocs.
    Let the backlash begin in 3... 2... 1...

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  4. oh krap.... just deleted.. unlucky. ya agreed bruv