Monday, December 14, 2009

Checklist for the Decade

Breathe easy. Laugh hard. Smile more. Rest only when really tired. Tire only after exercise. Crouch. Be patient with parents. Be a parent with patience. Try harder. Don't push. Run faster. Enjoy the view. Do a star jump. Look up when you're feeling down. Look down when you've been shown up. Say sorry. Express yourself eloquently. Don't be pretentious. Go for a rock jol. Sweat. Get in the ocean as often as possible. Recycle. Floss. Make a bucket list. Sing in the shower. Remember you're still young. Call up old friends more often. Less TV. More books. Get creative. Take a drive to the mountains. Climb something. Jump off something. Keep arrangements. Cancel flaking out. Don't judge. Be a good judge of character. Scream. Have the courage of your convictions. Remember you're not always right. Lie still. Show love. Hide anger. Kiss your lover hello. Kiss your lover goodnight. Kick something. Find new music and spread the word. Remember peoples' names. Do your best. Losing is someone elses' win. Enjoy the small things. Smoke less. Burn bright. Finish what you start. No when to quit. Eat healthy. Live it up. Help someone who needs it. Help yourself. Share your sandwiches. Save for a rainy day. Splash out on yourself every now and then. Stay home more. Hit the town when it deserves it. Remember it's just a ride.

To be continued...

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